Thursday, August 28, 2008

march 2008, i make my first sketchbook. get attached to the paper, get attached to the weight, the size, the color, the feel, i have plans for this book. i have drypoints and drawings, caseine and egg tempera in this book.

i lose the book.
i search the city for the book.
i don't find the book.

it takes me two months to bring myself to make a new book. i figure, i won't find the first book, let it go emily. gone. There is no identification in the book, no name, nothing.
i make the new book, work in it slowly.

Orion is lost in Logan Square, looking for Anne. he ends up on our doorstep, and he is there talking to Corrine when I get home from work. I say hello and go inside.

Corrine kisses Orion and he gets her number and he is a new friend to us, he comes to our dinner parties.
He says he might be moving in with Anne who lives down the street, where he was trying to get the first night we met him.

I go to Blick art supply store, and see Orion. He works there.
I buy frames, and have to return them the next week, so i return them to him, he gives me my money back.
Later, I go to Lee's show, and Orion walks in.
weird, we say.
I invite him to another dinner party and he comes and he tells us he is definitely moving in with Anne.

Corrine and I are sitting on the roof drinking coffee at night and Orion calls Corrine. He says look to your right, at the flashing lights. We see lights flashing in a house, across the street. Orion says he is turning the lights on and off in his living room.
We yell at eachother from across the street.

Tonight Corrine and I were drawing at the living room table. We hear Orion yell into our living room so we invite him in. He sits down across from me and looks at my drawing.
He asks me if I lost a sketchbook a while ago.
I said yes.
He asked if it was white with leaves on the cover.
I go to my room and get the swatch of the cover I saved. He goes to his and Anne's apartment and gets the sketchbook I lost in March.

How appropriate that my book is returned to me on the night before class starts? I can hardly contain myself.

look at john copeland's work, I'm going to sleep. :

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Anonymous said...

that is the craziest story i've ever heard. what are the chances of something like that ever happening?