Monday, October 19, 2009

+ one of those pumpkin luminaries
+ being very under-water
+ museum of being presently being my self
+ happy house with murder inside
+ the slow flies in the happy house
+ is this going to happen
+ what if you put terrible disgusting food into your stomach every day for the rest of your life wait
+ a pit of stinging nettles
+ man wants to sing danny boy- his chords dont work anymore due to over smoking
+ you are just like, starch
+ bits of bio luminescence & plankton floating to the bottom of the ocean, one of the most quiet occurences ever taped
+ algal bloom- red tide-
+ flesh-out
+ i wish to occupy an extremely small space in the World
+ grey rainbow desk set-up
+ two beautifully pristine white cats in the window as i am approaching the train. they are fiercely licking each other
+ when someone is petting a cat, they are thinking of another human
+ weirdly shaped stains
+ in this light the paintings look de-glamorized- it's like going into a C.V.S & looking in the mirror when you go in to get more coke or whatever
+ a palm tree in ireland
+ some objects stay inside of a house for as long as the house exists
+ i did not know that Vija Celmins and Chuck Close are long time friends