Sunday, April 3, 2011

magnetic current

hello friends,

I have recently finished working on my EP.
you can hear it on my BANDCAMP page,

or right here:

It is being released by Another New Calligraphy on April 19,2011. Handmade, numbered copies will be available for purchase in their "catalog" section. There will be a release show on April 23rd at Saki record store on Fullerton.
Thanks to everyone who listens, everyone who helps, and just everyone.
love to all of you.


MaRynasko said...

Ahhhh soo good! so proud of you, and so glad to call you a friend!

jaqueca comunal said...

call her a friend while you can, just wait and see, soon she'll be hiding behind a big pair of star-shaped sun glasses and not returning your calls, your letters will be lost in the fan-mail and your memories with her will shrink to a bite sized "i knew her before she got all famous and commercial".

but it will be worth it...the most amazing voice

jimmy said...

smooth sister. proud

dylan said...


lisacline said...

congrats emily! this is wonderful news.

Michael Mroz said...

Hey Emily, wonderful tunes, indeed. Here's some stuff I've written. Take care!


C said...

This EP is crazy unique. I'll have to show some of my friends and see what they think of it.