Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Texans

Hello from Texas! It's only been a little over a week since we arrived here, and it's already been quite an adventure. We don't have the internet yet, so this will just be a quick update ( I'm sitting in a whole foods suspiciously using theirs ). 

When we started to explore the property, we discovered that our next door neighbors specialize in raising rare and exotic well as other animals. They also rescue wounded birds, I think. About twice a day, we hear a wild cacophony ( feeding time? ). It seriously sounds like we're living in a jungle!  Our favorite next door neighbors, though, are the miniature donkeys, who run up to greet us the second they spy us through the trees. 

Some shots of the house:

Dan on the back porch

Our view from the back porch
Horseshoes is more difficult than I thought!

Our laundry line all set up

To the right is our laundry silo..and our sweet outdoor hangout spot

Tomorrow we will pick up our baby chicks to start our chicken raising endeavor! Hopefully they will help catch the spiders and scorpions ;) There is already a coop set up for our chickens, which is very helpful indeed. 

Part of the coop..with plenty of trees with low branches for the birds to perch on.

Clever predator deterrent. 

We have learned that dealing with the scorpions are a way of life out here..but the first time we saw one, we were pretty freaked out! It launched a full-fledged I-phone investigation, and we learned some interesting facts:

1.Scorpions glow under a black light ( no one really knows why..)
2.Scorpions are most active during the full moon
3. Scorpions can hold their breath for up to 3 weeks ( this applies to underwater, and most pesticides)
4. You can freeze a scorpion, but it will re-animate upon being brought into non-freezing temperatures.
5. Scorpions can climb walls and ceilings.
6. You can squash a scorpion, but you may then release the babies it has on its back.

I can't remember the rest off the top of my head, but suffice it to say they are amazing creatures. We have heard from the locals that the ones we are dealing with don't have a super painful sting...maybe we will find out. 

This week we got a cute little scorpion hunter, though!

Before I go, some more shots of the house:

Music corner

Starting to look like a studio!

A reaaaaalll kitchen

Oh, and this guy found his way to our house this morning..we went around to the neighbors, and no one knows whose dog it is. For now, he is hanging out in our yard, I guess..

We named him "Rocky" for some reason.

Sunset from the back porch

Alright, that's all I have time for now. Come down and visit!