Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 4 in Iceland

Oh look what we found on the porch this morning! A little beat up, but everything was there at least..

Just in time, because we were ready to leave for the museum. A professor of mine had introduced me to a friend of hers called Bjorg, who lives in Reykjavik- she agreed to meet us and show us around Kjarvaistadir, the art museum. But first, a quick stop at the gas station for...some gas..and a weird chocolate licorice treat.."Pipp!" It was delicious after all.

Lunch in the trunk- and using a Jewel card for a knife.

Bjorg was very sweet and told us all about the Icelandic artists in the museum.

I told Dan he sort of looks like this guy..

My funny Icelandic thrift store outfit.

In the cafe they had beautiful sugar crystals for the coffee

After the museum we hit the road headed towards..I honestly don't know what the village we are in is called.. I don't think it is even a village. Some place in the middle of a valley, near a lake..

our route

A very long tunnel that I hated

A place where we stopped to pee

We were given very mysterious directions to our host's location: keep on hwy 60..turn right on 586..keep going down the valley over a bridge and past a a white house with a red roof. We finally found it, after getting lost only once! We were greeted warmly, with dinner waiting in the kitchen. We <3 Iceland.
Our meal when we arrived at the farm: duck eggs, bread, shrimp salad and vegetable soup.

a skull.

After our meal, it was time to milk the cows!

Dan cleaning the teet.
calves feeding

Giving hay to the bulls
Our new friend Oili from Finland

Oili has been here from Finland since May, working for our hosts Astra and Joel. I asked her why the cows sometimes give more milk than other times. She replied, "If they are feeling nice, they will give you more milk. One time me and a cow got into a fight..I was trying to make her go over here, and she did not want to we had a tough time. She was stressed out and mad at me, so that time she did not give us much milk at all. They give you milk only when they want to."

Now that the barn work is done, we are relaxing with some "honeymoon drink" that Joel kindly delivered to us..a beer called "Saku."

Much love :) xoxoxo

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