Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 3 in Iceland

Today was our fancy day. After going through the stress of being on the phone for hours on end with airlines trying to locate our bag, we needed to relax. After a big breakfast of smoked salmon, eggs, crackers, donuts, Lyle's golden syrup and Skyr, we booked some tickets for the Blue Lagoon.

Driving here is surreal; like being there for the beginning of time..or the end of it. It was cold and windy, so we were really looking forward to soaking in the geothermal pool.

Blue Lagoon is insane! It had sort of a chaotic vibe..I suppose any tourist destination does..but it was such a unique experience. We received our robes and towels and wandered into the locker rooms. After I changed into my awesome new "ACTION" swimsuit, and Dan just stayed in his underwear, we ventured out to the windy deck..beers in hand. 

We frantically fumbled around with our towels and robes trying to hang them up..and finally made it to the water. Ohhhhh my goodness. I think we spent about four hours in there...swimming around searching for the "hot spots"..slathering mud on our faces..people watching..listening to the different languages and accents. Wonderful.

           Lava mask!

We decided we had gotten pruny enough and hopped out. We checked out the steam room and the relaxation balcony and then we were on our way. 

A Fancy day wouldn't be complete without going out to dinner, so we picked a nice tapas place in downtown Reykjavik called "Tapas Barinn." We ordered some sort of Icelandic tapas feast which happened to include smoked Puffin and seared whale..among other things. Dan says the Puffin tasted like Venison and the whale tasted like beef. The meal was delicious and even came with a shot of Brennivin :)

The little Puffin :(
The whale :(
Cheers with Brennivin!

When we got home, our host left us with a guestbook to sign. I guess we will do that now. 
Tomorrow we're checking out an art museum called "Kjarvaistadir"...(it's not getting any easier trying to pronounce things here) and then we're headed to our next destination: a sheep farm about 2 hours NE of Reykjavik. Don't ask me what the town is called!


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