Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 6 in Iceland

It's our last day on the dairy farm, and I think we are okay with not waking up and milking the cows :)
After the 8AM milking was done, we took a walk on the mountain to a canyon close by. We found a beautiful waterfall and Dan played his trumpet at some sheep.

Sleepy Dan

We got home in time for fresh Skyr and wild blueberries

After 2PM milking we went out with Oili to count the "dry" cows on the mountainside. Most of them are not being milked due to pregnancy, I learned. This turned into an adventure when Oili decided a cow was looking particularly skinny, and should be back in the barn where she could have plenty of hay. We had to steer it home down the mountain...quite the ordeal! 

This cow ran up to greet us :)

Now that the evening milking is done, we can relax and plan out our travels for tomorrow. The plan is to head towards Akureyri, and then ferry over to a small island called "Hrisey." There, we will stay with a whale watcher named Vidir. 


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