Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 7 in Iceland

This morning we said our goodbyes to Asta, Joel and Oili. We were sad to leave those sweet people and the cows, but the adventure must go on. 

Their beautiful "Gestabok"

We made a pitstop at the Eiriksstadir landmark ( home of Erik the Red, and where Leif Erikson was born ) in the valley.

It was 1,000 kr. each to go in, so....we did not go in.

Gassing up

Swimming fishes

I love these fish coins

We drove through some insanely gorgeous countryside to Akureyri and explored a bit, and had a bite to eat.

After lunch we hit up the "Bonus" for some groceries, and then went to find the ferry to Hrisey island, where our host Vidir lives. The ferry leaves from Arskogssandur..not far from Akureyri.


The only advice we were given before arriving was to ask around the island where he lives. "Everyone knows where I live," he said. 

When we got off the ferry, a taxi was waiting for us :)

We called Vidir when we arrived to get the actual address to his house, and his reply was, still, " Just go find someone around..they will tell you where I live."
We asked the ferry operator, who had just bought some hot dogs from a store we wandered into if he knew Vidir. "Vidir, yes yes. That crazy guy. I will drive you there."
I asked if he is really crazy,and if he might try and kill us.
"Ha! no, no no no. No kill you."

We hopped into his car and he drove us to Vidir's house. " It's here. He might not be home, but it is open. Have good time!"

So...we walked into Vidir's house, and Vidir was nowhere to be found. I called again, and he explained that he was out searching for whales on a boat, and he would be home late. He told us to make ourselves comfortable. It's incredible that this man trusts us strangers to walk into his house! Or maybe he is just crazy..we have not met him yet.

Vidir's house

Weird licorice candies.

It is impossible to capture the beauty that is here.

And now it's time for a glass of wine!

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