Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Today was...rough.
We were stopped at Chicago ORD on our way through security by a rather frantic and hostile woman waving and shouting at us.
Apparently our carry on was too large; A carry-on that Dan had, by the way, carried-on many,many times. Late for our plane and very annoyed, we reluctantly agreed to check the bag. They assured us that the bag would meet us at our connection airport in Washington DC.
Well, it didn't.
They assured us that the bag would be transferred through and meet us at our final destination.
Well, it didn't.
Lots of frustrating conversations with different airlines in different cities and states later, and we were no closer to figuring out where on Earth our bag could be!

still at the Airport..

We finally decided to leave the airport and venture out in our t-shirts into the beautiful (and 45 degree ) Icelandic landscape. Even shivering, even dead tired, even pissed off, it was absolutely breathtaking. We felt like we were on the moon.



Onto our next challenge: driving the manual rental car. Suffice it to say that Dan didn't have enough practice driving stick shift in the states..and in our sleep deprived  condition we had quite the adventure trying to navigate our way through Reykjavik looking for clothes. He finally started to get it though, and even managed to parallel park on a busy street!
Some confusing hours passed..we went to malls and thrift stores looking for a "deal"..with no avail. Let me tell you, there are NO DEALS in Iceland! We literally could not afford more clothes. With some groceries in hand, we made our way to our rental cottage. 
We washed our only clothes in the sink, hung them up to dry, and naked, enjoyed some delicious Birkir ( birch booze ), Icelandic salmon, Brie and crackers.
I guess this is alright, and at least we have each other :)

"Fairy" soap

And here is a shot ( Thanks Samantha!) from our wedding on Saturday!

Til'next time,