Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 2 in Iceland

Today has been better so far..we had to finish off drying our clothes in the oven, and then we were off!
   Our clothes cooking in the oven
             View from our window

                                                        Boy peeing in pot.

Our first priority was to find some clothing, so we headed to the Salvation Army in Reykjavik ( our cottage is in Kopavagur. )

There we found everything we needed to keep us nice and toasty in the cold rain.While shopping, I shared our story with the woman behind the counter. When I told her we were newlyweds she replied, "I knew there was something special about you two. I knew you had just gotten married."
When we were ready for check-out she told us we could have mostly everything for free! She then walked around the counter to give us each a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Her kindness overwhelmed me, and I almost lost it there in the shop. I just kept repeating "Takk Vid ish! Takk Vid ish!"  with tears in my eyes. I actually think it is spelled something like "Takk Fyir"..

After a nice walk and some food somewhere downtown, we went over to the liquor store called "Vinbudin" ( they will not sell good beer or any liquor in grocery stores ) and the discount grocery store "Bonus." At home we got a knock on the door from the landlord of our cottage, and he bore gifts! Some smoked Icelandic salmon he himself had caught, and some freshly fried donuts. We also got word that our baggage MIGHT arrive tomorrow from Sweden or Norway...
We'll see about that. 

                                                                 Bonus Sexa.
                                 Price Comparison: Jim Beam is about 58 USD here.


                                                  My new bathing suit :)

Now off to the "Melancholia festival" at a gay bar called "Bravo".  Yes, it is a music festival dedicated to sad music. Góða nótt !

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Mikel said...

thanks for posting these. i love that swimsuit!