Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 15 in Iceland

Today was a day of good timing, bad timing, and rainbows.

We rolled out of bed, and to be honest with you..we did not feel like cleaning a dirty hostel. We did, however, clean a dirty hostel.

good morrrrniiiinnngg

he's at it again

We were going to leave Vik tomorrow morning..but after our work, we decided just to drive away. We had a couchsurfing host lined up for tomorrow, our last night, but nothing for tonight. I assured Dan that it would all work out. Off we went without a plan, back towards Reykjavik.

We stopped at a pretty beach on the way.

Back on the road, we spotted 6 rainbows. I didn't capture them all..but here's what I got:

The one thing I knew I wanted to do on our way to Reykjavik was to see "Geysir." Yes, it's a geyser. I've never seen a geyser before, and this was supposed to be a good one. Geysir is not actually active anymore..but it has a brother a couple of feet away which explodes about every five minutes. His name is.."Strokkur" or something.Anyway, we drove pretty far out of our way to see this geyser. 

We stepped out of the car and smelled that familiar Icelandic sulfur smell. We quickly walked up the path towards the  crowd of people waiting for the explosion. I didn't want to miss it! I couldn't wait to snap a photo of Dan in front of this huge exploding geyser. 

Well..we arrived just in time to see the geyser erupt, ( and it was awesome )..but I wanted to wait around for another explosion..for the picture. About thirty seconds after the eruption,though, the sky opened up..torrential downpour began. At first we thought that surely it would pass- the weather changes so quickly here- but it just got harder and harder. Finally we decided that we had no choice but to run back to the car. As we ran, the rain turned in to hail,and we were pelted all over. Soaking wet and freezing, we changed clothes in a bathroom nearby and kept driving. Needless to say I did not get a picture of the geyser. Here are some not taken by me:

Coffee stop. Found some Dan sugar

beautiful drive back to Reykjavik

Back in Reykjavik, we had a nice dinner at a cheap Thai food restaurant, but hadn't heard back from any couchsurfer hosts we had contacted. We went to a hostel to check prices ( $100+ dollars!? ) and use their internet. It was getting late, and we weren't about to shell out a hundred big ones .Dan found a slightly better deal on some hotel website...his finger was hovering over the "book now" button...we looked at each other...his finger got closer to the "book now" button..and.....then ..we got a text message from a couchsurfer host! 

So we are here at Chris's apartment. It's very nice.

happy feet

Goodnight, see you soon America.

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