Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 14 in Iceland

I just fell asleep.  But something woke me up...and that something..was...the fact..that I had not blogged yet!
I simply MUST tell you, hungry-thirsty-for-my-blog..viewer...what our day was like.

Well first, we woke up and vacuumed rooms..changed linens,drank coffee,fed chickens, washed dishes..and then we made the Cicely syrup.

Dan squeezing the Cicely

Me squeezing the Cicely

We then were given the marvelous task of removing the stems from a million billion mulberries in preparation for making jam. 

After work, we caught a moment of non-rain to explore the amazing black sand beach about a mile away from the hostel.

It was incredible watching the big waves crash onto the beach. I've never experienced white foamy surf against black sand before..

We then visited the Vik wool factory..and ate more of our new favorite candy- 'Opal'



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