Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 16 in Iceland

Well, we have arrived home safely..Brennivin and Birkir from the duty-free shop in tow. I wasn't able to blog last night because we didn't have internet (we were having too much fun anyway.) I am pretty much a zombie right now, though, so lower your expectations. Get em' down there.

coffee at Chris's.


I liked his stairwell

We ventured out to get some groceries for dinner and to walk around Reykjavik a little bit.

taking pictures in the security camera waiting for "Bonus" to open.

We returned back from our walk, and Chris had gotten back from school. It had started raining, so we sat around drawing and writing and watching "Gummo"  for a little while.

Our amazing host.

The sun came back out, so we thought we'd go for another walk. We checked out the big church nearby which looked cooler from the outside..but it had a nice big organ inside.

This cat let me scratch his butt. 

After the church, I decided that Dan needed to try an Icelandic specialty: fermented rotten shark. I can't remember the name of it now..but Chris knew a fish market that sells it, so that's where we went!

He only bought one piece.. I am not as brave and refused to try it. It smelled like ammonia :(
He said it wasn't so bad, though.

"Polar Beers" to get the taste of rotten shark out of Dan's mouth.

Back at home we made a nice dinner and talked about traveling. Chris told us about his adventures in squat houses, and showed us beautiful photographs of Slovenia and other places. 

We hit the streets again to go see some music. First, we had our own little jam session.

This girl was amazing. 

another cat!

That's it! I have a lot more to say, but my need for sleep is overriding everything else right now. Lets talk in person.


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