Monday, September 30, 2013

Life lately around the homestead

Well we were a little worried about this drought that's had it's death grip on Austin for the past couple of years...we get all of our water from the rain! Since we've been here, though, we've had 2 really good rains, including a massive storm the other night that completely filled up our tanks ( hooray! ) We're still saving all the water we can, and taking military showers, though :) It's been fun learning about different ways to conserve water. It's easy to forget that these things need paying attention to..especially in a city where the water is "unlimited."

Dan checking the water level after our big rain.

I enjoy the colors of the dead ( and alive ) Juniper leaves/berries

I figured out that I can take panoramic photos on my phone! Here are a few from around the outside of the house:
The chicken coop and path up to the house

The front of the house

The chickies were looking a little cramped in the bathtub, so we thought it was time to move them into the bigger coop and build them a brooder there. The outlet was busted, so handy Dan fixed it. Now we can plug in their heat lamp!

The girls in their new brooder

Breakfast of champions :)

Once the chicks get a little bigger, I'm planning on setting up some hives for my next adventure: Beekeeping. Any book recommendations would be appreciated!
Til' next time,


yourundeservinglove said...

When do we move in?

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