Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 10 in Iceland

Mr. Dan D (Emily's husband) guest blogging here. We left Hrisey early this morning with our new hitchhiking French friend, Thibault (Tee Bo). After a short ferry trip, we were back on the road. Our first stop was here, at Godafoss, "Good Falls."

Me and my lovely wife...
We stopped for some food and mandatory foreign honeymoon candy...
...and ice cream.

Today was easily the most interesting day of driving I've ever experienced. Within a 6 hour timeframe we went from martian lava fields... a farmland canyon. The weather seemed to change every ten minutes. Emily fell asleep for a bit, so I woke her up for a picnic. 

There was a small artsy town along the way.. we had to stop and investigate.

And we discovered a woman's house with the largest private rock and mineral collection in the world. I knew Emily would love this, so I made us stop and pay the entrance fee. 

Petra, the rock lady.

Seriously, this was an insane driving experience. The mountains and oceans and weather almost looked fake...

We finally arrived at our evening destination, a Hostel in the mountains next to the ocean, complete with its own chapel and cemetery. 
We settled in and decided to hike the Agro Crag. 

A nice cat cross stitch in our room.

I immediately found a hook for our bananas. 

And we made some dinner. 

The old oven in the hostel...

... our travels go on!!!

Our honeymoon has been incredible. Iceland is a wonderful, mysterious place, and I recommend it to anyone with even the slightest sense of adventure. I think I'll bring us back here for our 50th anniversary...

Mr. Dan Duszynski

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