Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 9 in Iceland

Vidir is real! And a sweet, generous, large-hearted man he is. He brought back with him his dog, Aya..a  purebred Icelandic sheepdog. She is such a good girl :)

Our new friend Thibault, a Frenchman..also couchsurfing with Vidir.

I must not have been thinking today.. I got no pictures of Vidir! He remains a mystery to you, my friends...

on a walk with Aya

Black sand beach

We probably went to drop of Aya after we discovered this beach today..I can't remember. Maybe we ate some lunch. Life is so slow on this island, it's hard to remember. At some point, we went to "The Shark Museum" which was inaccurately described, we thought..because we didn't see a single shark there ( or even a photo of one! ) was nice anyway, though. We saw some old Icelandic things.

We went back to the black sand beach. Dan did some black sand yoga, and I did some drawings there.

E&D <3

We then went walking on a different trail to the lighthouse of the island. We found a trampoline in-between, though..

Dan insisted on holding his pee until he got to the lighthouse, so he could pee off of it.

I figured out that if I hit Dan with this dried plant, a million little flowers would explode all over him. We had a brief battle and were on our way.

Vidir had said that we could have some of his mussels from the freezer ( he was the number 1 mussel fisherman/collector of the island before the company went bankrupt ) after our walk, we went to the only store on the island, Jullabud,  to gather supplies to cook with. 

weird mural at Jullabud


This blog post was very quickly pulled together, I apologize. It has taken all of my strength to even get this far. Love to all of you.
Sleep now.


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