Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 8 in Iceland

This morning we woke up to perfect weather..so out we went to get a cup of coffee at the only restaurant on the island, "Brekka"

A cabinet of international tiny liquor bottles.

After our cups, we hiked around the entire island ( it is only about 6 miles ).What a gem of a place on Earth!

"On this spot, dear traveler, you are located at the second most powerful energy source in this beautiful country. The rays of peace and love flow from the mountain Kaldbakur that towers above the eastern side of the fjord. To bring home to truth of this statement, please pause here for a little while. You might even sit down, weather permitting. You adjust to the peace and quiet of nature, only interrupted by the sound of the birds. You close your eyes and you feel peace of mind, and a sensation of happiness flowing through your body. With an inner eye, you perceive glorious combinations of color that bring out all the best in your soul. You take deep breaths of the pure sea air, generating a new awareness of life. If you have achieved perfect calmness of mind, you hear faint musical tones in  the distance that approach ever so softly. The sensation lasts until the rustling of the breeze and the heather brings you out of your meditative state of mind, and you know that deep within your soul, you have found the peace you thought was lost forever in the bustle and commotion of everyday life."



The man loves his horn.

The swimming pool/hot tub- heated by geothermal energy!

Time for a Viking back at Brekka!

We have yet to meet the mysterious man that is Vidir. Will he come home tonight?

Until tomorrow,

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Mikel said...

he spent the night with the whales?