Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 13 in Iceland

Not so much to report today; I think we are pretty tuckered out from working, and the rain didn't let up at all! At one point, we were going to get out of the car to explore some rocks after a drive, but then a big gust of rainy wind made us look at each other and put our seat belts back on.
We are hoping for better weather tomorrow!

Dan REALLY enjoying his morning coffee. I don't think he's used to getting up so early to clean hostel rooms :)

After our morning work making beds and so on, we were given the task of harvesting Cicely plant for syrup. My fingers were freezing, but the smell of the Cicely roots made it alright (smells similar to Anise ). I didn't know about this plant before today, so I'm thankful to have learned about it. They make the syrup here at the hostel to serve with waffles at breakfast.

Cicely master

When that was done, we took a nice drive and then settled at a cafe to read and draw.

And now we are home in the staff house enjoying each other's company on this rainy evening. Thank goodness for this guitar, too. We've missed our instruments!


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